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Date: 29th July 2016
Rubber Production Line Calender Machine
Basic InfoModel NO.: htPlastic Processed: PVCFeeding Mode: One FeedScrew: Multi-ScrewScrew Channel Structure: Deep ScrewAutomation: AutomaticApplication: Rigid/Semi-Rigid/Soft PVC SheetTrademark: Double elephantOrigin: ChinaType: Sheet ExtruderProduct Type: Extrusion Molding MachineAssembly Structure: Planetary ExtruderEngagement System: IntermeshingExhaust: ExhaustComputerized: ComputerizedSize: CustomizedSpecification: CEProduct DescriptionRigid PVC Sheet Calendering LineMain application: vacuum forming PVC sheet, medical packaging PVC sheet, PVC magcard material,PVC poker sheet, PVC clock face, colored PVC sheet etc.Semi-rigid PVC Sheet Calendering LineMain application: printable flex, AD material, flex banner, decoration material(wood grain film,marble film etc.)Soft PVC Sheet Calendering LineMain application: various kinds of inflatable toys, raincoat material, salt film, agricultural film, packing for home textile etc.PVC Film/Sheet Calendering line1.Automatic Weighing SystemFor powder measuring&liquid measuringFunction: auto dosing, auto feeding, PLC auto control.2.Super MixerJacketed barrel,pheumatic discharging,stainless steel surface3.Cooling MixerJacketed barrel,pheumatic discharging,stainless steel surface4.Planetary extruderPerfect plasticizing & homogenizing quality,excelent self-cleaning screws, long service life,electric power savings??? , short formula change times,maximum CaCO3 /filler plastification capacity,low cost,competitive Product quality5. Mixing RollBearing standing:iron casting processing with lubricating holes, auto. material turnover device,adjustable air cylinder control,gyro spinning type6.4-roll Calender machine/5-roll calender machine/6-roll calender machineApplication:high quality rigid,simi-rigid and soft PVC sheet.Composition:body, roller unit,gap adjusting device,roller suspension & bending device,cross device,stock stop device,reduction gearbox,main rotary unit,cardan,lubrication system,oil-pressure system,bottom roller scrap take-off device,piping,power off ON-OFF7.embossing, cooling,scrap cutting unit and platform scaleParts of Machine:leading outlet unit,embossing wheel unit,cooling wheel unit,waste film trimming,piping8.Dual axial type auto. center? winderProfile steel welded frame, tempering treatment, tension control system9.AC Motor and control systemLocation: calender machine and its rear segment ,main circuit switch, other circuits switch and protection circuit10.Roller temperature control systemTemperature control: oil-type die heater,electric heating; micro-computer working system; all-in-one fail-safe, displaying and controlling entrance, exit of hot kerosene and temperature setting, with excellent functions of automatic safety protection11.Conveyors and scrap winders12.Die heater(heated-used cooling wheel in rear segment)?
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